Pert Near' Sandstone

Pert Near Sandstone rejuvenates American string band music with raw energy; they play tightly crafted original material that lends itself to the modern audience, as well as being stewards of the old-time and bluegrass traditions.

Horseshoes & Hand Grenades

Hailing from the river town of Stevens Point, Wisconsin, HHG plays something like progressive high-energy Old-Time folk music. With strong roots in old-time and bluegrass, the band has formed it's own unique style born from the diverse musical backgrounds and interests of the five friends who make up the band.

Charlie Parr

Many people play roots music, but few modern musicians live those roots like Minnesota's Charlie Parr. Recording since the earliest days of the 21st century, Parr's heartfelt and plaintive original folk blues and traditional spirituals don't strive for authenticity: They are authentic.

Surprise Guests

We plan on having many surprise guests/events this year to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Boats and Bluegrass,

Elephant Revival 

This Nederland, Colorado quintet are, needless to say, quite a sound to be experienced - especially when they fall into the pocket of a groove containing elements of gypsy, rock, Celtic, alt-country and folk.

Head for the Hills  

Strip away the artful descriptors and you have a forward thinking group of {mostly} acoustic musicians drawing on eclectic influences, tastes and styles.

Shook Twins  

Beautiful twin harmonies, layered upon acoustic and electric instrumentation coupled with Laurie’s inventive use of percussive and ambient vocal loops, and Katelyn’s repurposed telephone microphone, set their sound apart, creating a unique and eccentric blend of folk, roots, groove and soul.

Erik Koskinen   

Musically sprouted from the blend of American folk, country, rock-n-roll, and blues, Koskinen and his top-shelf band realize a sound that is distinctive and fresh while familiar and classic.

Birds of Chicago

Birds of Chicago is a collective based around JT Nero and Allison Russell. Whether touring as duo or with the full family band, Nero and Russell have emerged as two of the most compelling new voices in North American Roots music.

The Haunted Windchimes

The Haunted Windchimes sound draws from traditional folk and American roots music. The songs have a vintage quality, as if they might have been written yesterday or 75 years ago. Grounded in honeyed harmonies and spirited pickin’, it lies in a nowhere land between distinct styles: It’s not quite bluegrass or blues or country.

The Okee Dokee Brothers

As childhood friends growing up in Denver Colorado, Joe Mailander and Justin Lansing were always exploring the outdoors. Whether it was rafting down their neighborhood creek or discovering hiking trails through the Rocky Mountains, Joe and Justin were born adventurers.

Whiskey Blanket

Whiskey Blanket is perhaps the world's most unconventional hip-hop group. The multi-talented trio integrates live violin, cello, and turn-tablism into haunting beat-scapes, only to drop their instruments and double as emcees. Add in a drum machine, harmonica, keyboard, some slick three piece suites, and a decade of shared experience, and you've got a show that's not to be missed.

Pistol Whippin Party Penguins

The Pistol Whippin Party Penguins combine folk, roots, bluegrass, and original songwriting to create something so thick you can't cut it with a bucknife.

Whitewater Ramble

Described as “High-Octane Rocky Mountain DanceGrass”, Whitewater Ramble (WWR) uses a simple recipe to craft it’s sound: start with bluegrass instrumentation, add drums, and finish with a boundary-less approach to grassing-up everything from disco house grooves to roots to Americana.

Jeff Mitchell

Tenderly apocalyptic music from a Midwestern transplant to New England. Jeff Mitchell's songs are flashes of memory, emotion, and dry humor. His raw approach to fingerstyle guitar swerves from pedestrian to mind-melting without warning.

Sans Souci Quartet

Sans Souci Quartet has jumped into the Twin Cities music scene with a unique blend of bluegrass, folk rock and innovation. The instruments are traditional, the voices authentic, the words sometimes plaintive, but the arrangements are unique and refreshing.

Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank

Teague and Ian Alexy’s New Jersey roots squarely align them with the spirit of the big-hearted underdog. This, combined with the whisper of the wind through the pines, and the cadence of the open road, has lent the Alexy brothers a unique sound.

The Lowest Pair

Kendl Winter sprouts alfalfa beans in mason jars in the back of the tour van and spreads her songs across the country Johnny Appleseed style. Her voice is beautifully unique and bold, and her songs are thoughtfully poetic and rooted deep within her diverse experiences. Minnesotan picker and songcrafter Palmer T. Lee was nineteen years old when he inherited a couple of banjos and discovered he could reassemble them into his dream instrument. He's been tweakin' and twangin' away ever since.  

Eddie Danger

Eddie Danger is an award-winning singer/songwriter, playwright, multi-instrumentalist, wedding officiant, story teller, & festival organizer. Ed Live-loop-samples 4-part vocal harmonies plus the guitar, didgeridoo, piano, pump organ, flutes, sax, various percussion, ukulele, and more.

Jaybone Bell & Restless Light

Winona’s hometown roots rock, bluegrass collective, Jaybone Bell & Restless Light, melds melodic folk song craft with runaway freight-train arrangements to create jubilant performances that feed on spontaneity and breathe pure soul.

Dead Horses

Dead Horses is a young, folk-grass band from Wisconsin featuring Sarah Vos on vocals & guitar, Tim McIlree on fiddle & mandolin, Peter Raboin on lead guitar and Daniel Wolff on double bass. Formed in 2010, Dead Horses recruited some of the finest finger-picking musicians from Wisconsin and quickly established themselves as an up-and-coming band to watch.

The Boys N’ the Barrels

Comprised of six members, instrumentation includes Banjo, Guitar, Fiddle, Mandolin, Upright Bass, and Percussion. Their sound is energetic and creative. A deep, introspective message underlines the up-tempo, foot thumping melodies and hooks as The Boys explore subjects such as love, philosophy, environmentalism, booze, and death.

Rucksack Revolution

"I see a vision of a great rucksack revolution thousands or even millions of young americans wandering around with rucksacks, going up into the mountains to pray, making children laugh and old men glad, making young girls happy and old girls happier, all of 'em zen lunatics who go about writing poems that happen to appear in their heads for no reason and also by being kind and also by strange unexpected acts keep giving visions of eternal freedom to everybody and to all living creatures.” -Jack Kerouac in Dharma Bums

Sloppy Joe

Every Sloppy Joe performance draws on a deep well of original songs.  This material is frequently recombined with jug-band instrumentation  all while band-members swap the guitar, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, and bass around the stage.

Black River Revue

We are a group of six friends from Superior, Wisconsin and Duluth, Minnesota who share a love for all different genres of music. Using a bluegrass instrumentation we have crafted our own sound made up of mostly original music

Jillian Rae

The band's namesake is its multi-talented violinist, lead vocalist, and songwriter, Jillian Rae. Her creative and dynamic style of violin playing along with her lifelong experience as a performer, lend her an assured stage presence.

The Last Revel

Consisting of three members, The Last Revel uses traditional folk-minded three part harmonies with honest and meaningful lyrics to deliver a passionate and soul stirring performance.

Corpse Reviver

We're a group of three musicians who like to mostly play music found on the Harry Smith Anthology of American Folk Music.

We're a group of three musicians who like to mostly play music found on the Harry Smith Anthology of American Folk Music.

Jake Ilika

A recent transplant to the Twin Cities by way of Winona, MN, Jake Ilika has been playing music for over ten years.

Honest Monday

Spawned out of decades of numerous musical endeavors, Honest Monday is a unique collaboration of singer-songwriters. Each member of the band truly brings his own musical flavor to the table while maintaining a simplistic approach to compliment the collective sound.

Kind Country

Kind music for kind people. Kind Country is a 6 piece string band playing American standards as well as their own brand of Cosmic American music.

The Dead Pigeons

Drew Peterson - lead singer, songwriter, guitar, banjo

Ryan Douglas Canyon - mandolin and backing vocals

Gretta Hunstiger - fiddle and backing vocals

Andy Carroll - bass

Daryn Christensen - drums and percussion

Eric Lambert and Friends

Eric Lambert has been pickin’ and grinnin’ his way into people’s hearts for over 40 years. Specializing in the fiery art of flatpicking, he has built a distinguished career writing, performing, recording, and teaching Americana music in and around Chicago, and beyond.

Bus Boys

Winona Acoustic Folk Funk

Wayne Beezley - Mando, big Mando

Dedrick Benz - Bass

Mark Christensen - Guitar

Luke Warm and the Cool hands

Luke Warm and the Cool Hands (LWATCH) is a passionate 6 piece love based alternative, progressive, bluegrass - music machine. We've been pickin' n' grinnin' around the Twin Cities area since 2009.

Gravy Train

Gravy Train formed in southeastern MN, as a 7-piece, high energy, barn-raisin' bluegrass band, with a range of influences: folk, river music, and blues.

Fattenin’ Frogs

The Fattenin' Frogs were formed by Berek Awend, Chris Holm, and Mark Larson in early 2009. After playing in rock bands in the Twin Cities for years Chris and Mark were driven by a determination to dive into the roots of 1960's rock & roll, a style they loved above all other music.


Hypno-Folk Pioneers TWIN are raising the bar with their music and River Armada concert Series. TWIN has now traversed the Mississippi, Sacramento, Los Angeles and Assiniboine Rivers by Canoe. Performances happen in major centers, small towns, festivals, native reservations, parks, farms sharing song and stories of the amazing places they go.

John Bernadot

This Ledgendary local, who has played with such greats as Elvis, The Beatles, and the Beach Boys, is sure to bring an amazing show to our little corner. So come on down and have a list to the Ledgend of John Bernadot.


The Burbillies have taken the greatest hits of the 1980's and transformed them into hard hitting bluegrass compositions.

Tanner Brethorst

Tanner Brethorst is a Folk/Americana musician from the river valley of Winona Minnesota. He's been playing music for many years and within the last few years has decided to take it to the public's eye.