Camping is included with the purchase of an all weekend pass (Thursday 1p to Sunday at 1p).  Camping is located a short walk (50 feet at its closest) from the festival site.  These non-electric sites will accommodate a range of tent sizes. If you are planning a Wednesday arrival please purchase a Wednesday camping pass through the Boats and Bluegrass ticket portal

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East Campground

The East Campground is the largest campground.  This area is divided into quiet camping and late night camping. Late night camping areas need to be respectful about volume, but playing of acoustic instruments is permitted and encouraged. There are hundreds of trees there, and shade is not hard to come by.  This campground is nearest to the flushing toilets and showers.  There is a kids playground, and general store as well.  To access the East Campground enter at the Main Entrance Gate.

Things to Consider

Camping in the West and East Campgrounds is first come first serve basis, make sure to welcome and include neighbors who arrive after you!    


We ask that you do NOT BRING DRUMS.  It is very hard to hear a Banjo over a drum.  Also amplified music that can be heard outside of your site will not be allowed after 10pm. 

West Campground

The West Campground is on the West side of the Main Festival area.  This is a quiet campground at 10:00p, with the exception of the festival music. This campground will have portable toilet access.  There is also a playground with in the area, and no parking lot to cross to come and go from the from main festival area.  To access the West Campground get your wristband at the Main Entrance Gate, then head toward the Day Parking Lot.

Restrooms & Showers

In the campground area there are flush toilets and showers at the Campground Office.  In the campground there are also Pit Toilets, and Portable Toilets.  If you prefer flushing toilets to Pit or portable toilets set up camp near the campground office.  Portable toilets are also available in the main festival area and are open for use when the main festival grounds are open. 

Electric Campsites

The Electric Campground is the electric sites on the East side of the main festival area, these sites are booked through the Prairie Island Campground office.  They are also the furthest away from the Main Festival grounds.  To access these sites enter at the Main Entrance Gate. To make a reservation for an electrical site please follow the link to the Prairie Island Campground Office.
Other Lodging
If you're not one for camping or need a quiet space for small children here are a few in town options.
Holiday Inn
The Plaza
AirBNB, Winona
Hegge Havens
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