Past Line Ups

We have had some wonderful friends grace our stages over the years.  Thought we had better get them all down somewhere.  We feel blessed to be able to continue doing what we do thanks to our guests, artists, friends, family, volunteers, vendors and everyone that comes together to make this festival happen.  It takes a village!


Year One.  When the Blugrass was in the lead over the Boats.  Northern lights turned on just after TBT's set.  A sign of things to come for them perhaps.

Trampled by Turtles, The Reverend Eddie Danger, John Bernadot and Patty Darbo.




Still in search of the perfect site this years host was Smith Gardens.  Great weekend ending with an all-star jam in the barn late night.

Poster: Scott Gray Burlingame

Trampled by Turtles, Pert Near Sandstone,  Roe Family Singers, Smokin Bandits, Moon Dawg, The Ditch Lilies, Lonesome Dan Kase, Beet Root Stew


This was the first year at Prairie Island Park.  Our son Parker was born during Cornmeal's set.  Too busy this year apparently to make a poster.


Starting to get our groove on at the new location.  Sandman the Rappin Cowboy was in the house that year.

Cornmeal, Pert Near Sandstone, 40 Watt Bulb, the Ditch Lilies, Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank, The Brass Kings, Beet Root Stew, The High 48's, The Moss Piglets, Reverend Eddie Danger, The Roe Family Singers, Sans Souci Quartet, Jimmy Liggett, Mill City Grinders, Chris Kendall, Bears Acoustic Honey.

Pert Near Sandstone, Charlie Parr, The Brass Kings, Dangergrass, The Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank, Sandman, The High 48's, Sans Souci Quartet , Useful Jenkins.....


Lots of great artists graced the fest this year.  A little rain feel but a lovley weekend overall.

Pert Near Sandstone, Head for the Hills, Simonett and Young, Two Many Banjos, Hen House Prowlers, The Johnson Family Band, Dangergrass, The Floorbirds, The False Hearts, Sans Souci Quartet, Matt Ray, American Folk, Darkwood Flower, High Strung String Band, Colin O Brien, The Beef Slough Boys


Lots of highlights this year.  A surprise set from Trampled by Turtles and a first time set at the fest from Greensky Bluegrass.

Poster: Scott Gray Burlingame

Greensky Bluegrass, Pert Near Sandstone, Trampled by Turtles* Charlie Parr, Dead Man Winter, Two Many Banjos, Head for the Hills, .357 String Band, Erik Berry, Jeff Mitchell, Sweetgrass, Johnson Family Band, i like you, Katey Bellville, Palmer T. Outfit, The Blackberry Bushes String Band, The Boy's in the Barrels, Whiskey Blanket, Pistol Whippin Party Penguins, Sans Souci Quartet, Minnesota Bluegrass Band, String Ties, Mike Munson, Pocahontas County, East Hill Bluegrass, Michelle Lynn, Alyssa Bicking & Jake Manders, Fayme Rochelle & THe Waxwings, The Roe Family, The Reverend Eddie Danger, Fischer and the Bait,  Singers, Dietz Parker, Allison and Friends, Kensington Stone, Colin O'Brien, Matt Ray and Those Damn Horses, Gypsy Lumberjacks, Evergreen Grass Band, Beet Root Stew. *Surpries Set


Tim O'Brien and Darrell Scott mesmerised the crowd on a perfect September evening.  Included in their set was John Hartford's tune Gentel on My Mind.  Poster: Joe Lessard

Tim O'Brien and Darrell Scott, Charlie Parr, Pert near Sandstone, Shook Twins, Foghorn String Band, White Iron Band, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, The Sudden Lovelys, Orange Mighty Trio, Black Twig Pickers, Joe and Vicky Price, The May North, Pocahontas County, Matt Ray and Those Damn Horses, People Brothers Band, Mama's Stolen Horses, Marc, Dave and Timmy, Limestone Cowboy, Dead Horses, Corpse Reviver, Pistol Whippin Party Penguins, Jaybone Bell & Restless Light, Four Legg Fish, Black River Revue, Sans Souci Quartet, Back Alley Blossoms, Beet Root Stew, The Lowest Pair, Fiddle Heirs, Blue Gramma, The Boyles, The Reverend Eddie Danger, Julie and Allison, Winona Fiddlers, The Burbillies, Wild Goose Chase Cloggers


The year of the flood.  We kept watch all night as the river tried to re claim her land.  Monday morning there was five feet of water at the festival site.

Poster: Scott Gray Burlingame

Pert Near Sandstone, Elephant Revival, Brass Kings, Hen House Prowlers, Johnson Family Band, A Night in a Box, The Blackberry Bushes, Two Many Banjos, Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles, The Pistol Phippin Party Penguins, The Boys n' the Barrels, The Reverend Eddie Danger, Inside Out String Band, Minnesota Bluegrass Band, Sans Souci Quartet, The Bus Boys, Beet Root Stew, Roe Family Singers, The Ledgendary John Beach Band, The Beef Slough Boys.


A set from NIcholas David just before he blew away the national audience on the Voice.  Lots of other great friends on the line up as well. The year of two posters.

Poster:Michael Kaveney/Lindsay Nygaard

Pert Near Sandstone, Charlie Parr, Chatham County Line, Dead Man Winter, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, Paper Bird, The Haunted Windchimes, Henhouse Prowlers, Erik Koskinen Band, Casey Driessen, Nicholas Mrozinski and The Feelin Band, The Blackberry Bushes Stringband, Saint Anyway, The Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank, Steve Kaul and The Brass Kings, Canon Ball, The Hooks and The Hollows, Jake Manders, Bomba De Luz, Cattlin Robertson and the Dusty Hearts, Sarah Krueger, Corpse Reviver, Katey Bellville, The Farmhouse Band, Low Bridge, East Hill Bluegrass, Moon Dawg Trio, Jami Lynn, The Burbillies, Hurricane Harold, Coconut and The Duke, Beet Root Stew


Year Ten!!  Where did all the time go.  A wonderful weekend full of old friends and new ones as well.  Looking forward to another ten!

Poster: Adam Slaybaugh

Pert Near Sandstone, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, Charlie Parr, Elephant Revival, Nicholas David, Head for the Hills, Shook Twins, Erik Koskinen, Birds of Chicago, The Haunted Windchimes, The Okee Dokee Brothers, Whiskey Blanket, Eddie Danger, Pistol Whippin Party Penguins, Whitewater Ramble, Jeff Mitchell, Sans Souci Quartet, The Lowest Pair, Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank, Jaybone Bell & Restless Light, Dead Horses, The Boys N' the Barrels, Rucksack Revolution, Sloppy Joe,  Jillian Rae, The Last Revel, Corpse Reviver, Jake Ilika, Black River Revue, Honest Monday, Kind Country, The Dead Pigeons, Bus Boys, Eric Lambert and Friends, Luke Warm and the Cool Hands, Gravy Train, Flatten' Frogs, Burbillies, Twin, John Bernadot, Tanner Brethorst, The Beavers, Roe Family Singers, Jimmy & Seamus Boyle.

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