Boats and Bluegrass 2020 Cancelled

We love the Boats and Bluegrass Family, and that’s why we’ll be staying home this year.  Our hearts break to make this difficult decision, however, Boats and Bluegrass 2020 will be canceled. 


Boats is a special place for so many. For us (Rebecca and Isaac) it is where we met, where we danced by the river, and last year felt little baby feet kicking in anticipation to join us earth-side. It is where we learned family extends beyond blood. 


We look forward to the days ahead when this home we call Boats and Bluegrass is welcoming each and every one of you back to the banks of the Mississippi.


Help us keep the vibe alive; check in with one another, speak kind words, or donate to a worthy cause. Your extended river home will be waiting for you!

Ticket holders have been sent an email regarding further information and next steps. If you have further questions, please email



The Boats Team

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